Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Preventing adverse impacts on workers, communities and consumers is one of the most pressing challenges almost every company faces in today’s globalised marketplace. The CHRB seeks to tap into the competitive nature of the market as a powerful driver for change in confronting this challenge.

2019 Benchmark

The 2019 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark is here! This year we've assessed nearly 200 of the largest publicly traded companies in the world across four high-risk industries – agricultural products, apparel, extractives, and new for this year, ICT manufacturing. Download the key findings document for a detailed briefing on the companies' performance against a set of human rights indicators, plus industry and regional breakdowns, trends analysis and more.

Check back here later today for our updated site, where you'll be able to download the complete 2019 dataset for further analysis, as well as detailed per-company scoresheets and further documentation.


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How did we do it?

The CHRB assessment is based on the CHRB Methodology, which was developed and improved through extensive consultations and engagement. Read more about our methodology to measure corporate human rights performance.

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