Scoring Appeal Process

As part of CHRB’s systematic process, we have set up a scoring appeal process where companies are able to appeal a scoring decision.

The CHRB Appeals Committee is made up of 8 members:

  • Amol Mehra - Executive Director of the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable
  • Bennett Freeman - Bennett Freeman Associates LLC
  • Bjorn Edlund - Edlund Consulting
  • Lise Smit - Research Fellow in Business and Human Rights, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)
  • Margaret Wachenfeld – Senior Fellow, Institute for Human Rights and Business 
  • Nadia Bernaz - Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University School of Law
  • Peter Webster – CEO of the EIRIS Foundation
  • Roel Nieuwenkamp - Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct

CHRB scoring appeal process for 2017 Benchmark Results

  • If a company believes that information that was public at the time of the original publication deadlines notified to companies or that was identified or published as part of the engagement process has not been evaluated or that their score has not been calculated on the basis of that evidence according to the CHRB Pilot Methodology 2016 as amended by the Methodology Addendum (the Full Combined Pilot Methodology, which combines the Pilot Methodology and Addendum, is available here), they should raise it with CHRB within 6 weeks of the benchmark having been published.
  • In appealing, the company must explain what incorrect scoring decision they believe has been made and specify the indicator, exact evidence published or identified during the engagement process and what alternative decision they believe should have been made.
  • Three members of the CHRB Appeals Committee will review the claim in accordance to the consistent interpretation of the CHRB Pilot Methodology or methodology addendum within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the written appeal.
  • The CHRB Appeals Committee will review all claims that will make a material impact to the company’s score.
  • The CHRB Appeals Committee will explain the scoring decision and how the decision was determined.
  • If a new score is agreed this will be updated online within 4 weeks of the appeal being resolved.
  • CHRB’s decision on whether a re-score is appropriate is final.